Riverside Internet

Fast Internet for rural communities

We are now able to move your existing phone number over to our system or provide you with a new number.

Number rental and 1 channel is £8.00/month for each number. You can add extra channels (the ability to park 1 call and make another) at the cost of £5.00/month per channel. Additional features such as call waiting, voice mail and caller ID are all free.

In order to be able to access our Telephone service you need to have a broadband package with us. We do not provide Telephone service over ordinary telephone lines.

Calls are billed in pence per minute.
To Land lines - 1.3p/min
To Mobiles - 10.00p/min
To other numbers on our system - free.
To premium rate numbers are blocked.

We have a range of sophisticated options for business customers including
Call routing to home workers
Call Groups
Call Queues
Call Parking
Call Conferences
A full range of IVR features

Business customer please call our customer services on 01874-640567 to discuss your requirements