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Broadband Family

Great... you've selected our Residential Broadband Family package...Thanks.

Here's a reminder of your package

Connection Speed is 25Mbit/s
Data Allowance is Unlimited GB/month
Monthly cost is £40.00
High power WiFi access point + Ethernet

So what's next?
To be able to connect you to your selected package we need to mount a small dinner plate sized dish somewhere on your house. This has to be pointed at one of our base stations.

To be sure we can do this, we make an appointment with you for an engineer to visit your house. This visit is free of charge and has no obligations. The engineer will not try to sell you anything different to what you have chosen here, so you can be sure you are not going to get a hard sell visit.

Once we are sure that we can connect you to our network we will arrange an installation date and take a 50% deposit towards the cost of the installation.
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