Riverside Internet

Fast Internet for rural communities

Broadband Family +

Our Broadband Family + package is fantastic value for households with Internet warriors and gadget freaks including smart TV's. The 40Mbit/s connection speed is 10X the download speed and 160X  faster for upload than the fastest standard residential ADSL broaband package (not fibre) provided by other ISP's over telephone lines.

The Super fast connection speed will ensure that every family member can stream services (e.g. YouTube), watch movies (e.g. Netflix) at the same time, while mum or dad do their Internet banking, skype with friends and all without buffering. With this amount of upload and download capacity you can connect all sorts of gadgets to your connection. The WiFi access point we supply is capable of handling 128 simultaneous connections, more than enough for today's gadget oriented households and future proof for the "Internet of Things" -the next generation wave of gadgets that need a fast efficient Internet connection for maximum benefit. And, if that's not enough, you can always plug in your own network to the Ethernet connection in the WiFi access point!

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