Riverside Internet

Fast Internet for rural communities
From 1st September 2017 we are increasing our monthly package subscription charges!

Why are we applying the increases?

The amount of download data all our customers are demanding from our network has increased  on average 5 fold per customer in recent months. This is largely because almost all of our customers are connecting smart TV's and other multimedia devices to our network. This 5 fold increase has come without additional revenue to support the network upgrades needed to cope with the demand and create some breathing space for the near future.

To cope with the increased demand we have just commissioned a new Internet connection that is 3X faster than the current connection. Given our rural location we have to pay over the odds compared with a urban location for a similar capability. Unlike our competition we employ ultra fast fibre to the premises that is capable of supplying a whole town with the speed being the same in both directions.

To help us with all this upgrade and keep your connection working as you expect, our monthly package prices will rise between £5.00 and £10.00/month.

Remember we do not hold you to lengthy contracts, you are free to stay and free to leave as you wish.