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What to expect on your engineering survey day

The broadband equipment requires 1 ordinary 13Amp power socket which can be dedicated to provide power for your broadband. It is important that you are able to leave the eqipment switched on at all times. The WiFi equipment which provides the broadband connection to your house needs to be sited where the WiFi signal can cover the whole, or as much of your property as possible, or at least cover the area where you are likely to use it the most. It also has 1 Ethernet socket to allow you to extend your home network using standard networking equipment purchased from a high street store or on the Internet. The yearly power consumption for the equipment we install is around 90KWh max (less if you are close to a base station) which at current domestic electricity prices works out at about £14.00/year (based on 15p/KWh). If you already have an ADSL service over your phone line, depending on how old the equipment is, our kit is possibly cheaper to run over a year. Whichever way, there is proabably not much difference in overall power costs between our and other supplier equipment.

The survey appointment will take about 30 minutes and when the survey engineer arrives, you need already to have an idea where to site the WiFi kit that both plugs into a wall socket and needs a cable (about a third thickness of a electric kettle lead) run to the outside where the small dinner plate sized service dish is going to be fixed. The engineer will help you decide the internal equipment location and advise where the external dish needs to be fixed to see the signal from our base station.

If your property has old thick interior walls which the WiFi signal will have to travel through to allow your devices (phone, tablet, computer or smart TV) to make a connection, then you might need to consider WiFi extenders to provide a strong reliable signal where it is needed most. Our WiFi kit is high power but some older properties will absorb WiFi signals from any equipment manufacturer. This is just physics in action and no domestic rated equipment can circument old thick walls! Any equipment that claims the opposite should be considered to be snake oil or incompatible with standard devices such as mobile phone and

If you have a very large property, we can supply multiple WiFi access point at extra cost, these include weatherproof versions which can be mounted outside to provide Internet service for farm yards, court yards or just cover a large garden patio. We also have options for Bed and Breakfast premises.

You should agree with the survey engineer where all the equipment is to be sited which will then be described on the service agreement form so that the installation engineer will know exactly where to fix all the bits and pieces. In addition the survey engineer will highlight any additional installation costs due to very long cable lengths required or special cable routing.

When you are happy to proceed with the installation as described on the service agreement form, the engineer will return all the survey details to our office. We will then contact you to agree an installation date appointment and also take a deposit payment of 50% of the installation charge. See your details page for how we process your information.
The installation date will usually be a minimum 14 days after your survey date to allow a cooling off period where you can decide if you wish to cancel your installation and receive a full deposit refund. After 14 days your order is considered confirmed, equipment will be configured ready for installation and your deposit becomes non-refundable (unless there are other problems such as long delays by us with the install, in which case you can still cancel if you don't want to hang on)

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