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Ultra High Definition TV

Wow, you've bought an Ultra High Definition Telly! Trouble is that the vast majority of Internet Service Providers either won't or can't provide enough bandwidth to satisfy the varacious data appetite of UHDTV online viewing. For example, Netflix are just sticking a toe in the water to offer premium viewing of a small number of select UHD content options.

The current recommended download speed by Netflix is 25Mbit/s, ouch. If you are lucky enough to live near to a green Fibre Broadband connection box, your ISP will boast that they will give you 40Mbit/s download and somewhere around 5Mbit/s upload. What they don't tell you is that although the connection from the green box to your house runs at 40Mbit/s, the actual download speed you will achieve will be somewhat less. Initially, you will achieve 40Mbit/s but as the connection to your content continues the ISP will apply download shaping and throttle back the data delivered to your premises. In addition, the upload speed of your broadband over phone line will run out of steam if others in your household upload pictures or videos whilst watching  UHD streaming  content on your UHD TV. On UHD TV this will cause stuttering, buffering or sometimes complete loss of streaming connection.

Riverside Internet upload speeds are the same as the download speed, this is called symetric connection. Broadband over your phone line, called fibre even though it is only fibre to the green box down the road, is called asymetric because the upload speed is always several times less than your download speed. Whenever you watch streaming content on the Internet, the pictures are chopped up into small packets which are then sent down your Internet connection and re-contructed into the content you are viewing. The safe arrival of the downloaded packets need to be signaled back to the other end of service e.g. the Netflix server providing your viewing. If these acknowledgements become queued up behind another family member uploading mobile phone/camera images or videos, the quality of your viewing will suffer. This is very unlikely to happen with Riverside Internet connections because our upload and download speeds are the same.
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