Riverside Internet

Fast Internet for rural communities
We believe in a business model that treats everyone fairly. Unlike many other Internet Service Providers we do not design our products to lock you into any particular contract. We understand the frustration that many consumers feel when service providers promise the earth, lock you into a long contract and then supply the minumum legally allowed so you have no easy means of changing providers.

Our products are designed to deliver what you pay for,  you will get the same upload speed as download which is how we believe it should be. ADSL (Asymetric Digital Subscriber Line) broadband has since day one hoodwinked consumers into accepting a second rate service. As our lives rely more and more on broadband facilities, the abilty to upload data will increase in importance. The existing encumbent telecoms companies providing asymetric services are in effect taking the whole country down an increasingly backward technology cul-de-sac. Worse still they have hoodwinked the government into believing that this situation is acceptable for the long term prospects of the nation. This in our view is simply part of the rip off Britain policy with the population forced to spend hard earned money on what is now the 4th (in some peoples eyes 1st) utility, ranked in equal importance with Energy and water supplies.

Our mission is to show that we can build fast efficient networks for rural communities and enhance peoples lives through fair business practices. Our data centre is at Bronllys, a short distance from the Black Mountains and the border of Brecon Beacons National Park. We know exactly what it takes to be a business based in the countryside!